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8 Species of Parrots around Campus - Walter Piper gives a description of the flock at Chapman University in Orange, California.

Parrot Project of Bakersfield - Alison Sheehey's research on the largest flock of Rose-ringed Parakeets in North America, photos and links.

Other Parrot Research

Feral Parrot Populations in San Francisco - Joe Morlan's page describing the naturalized parrots of San Francisco. 

Wild Parrots of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill - The site for the wild parrots of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill, with much information provided by Mark Bittner, who was the caretaker and recorder from 1993-99, of the life of this feral flock of mostly Cherry-Headed Conures (Parakeets). The site includes daily sightings, historical information, articles, photos, "other flock" sightings, and more." Read a transcript of a CNN report on the flock here.

Project Parakeet - A doctoral study of the Rose-ringed Parakeets of Great Britain by Christopher Butler.

Alien Species in Hawaii: - This site has information and maps of the distribution of exotics in Hawaii.

Hyde Park Parakeets, Chicago - Site describes the feral Monk Parakeets in Chicago.

Erik's Monk Parakeet Page - A research project on monk parakeets in Texas.

The Monk Parakeet - This site describes the population of monk parakeets at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

Monk Parakeets in North America - This site is written and maintained by Kathleen Carr, a researcher and authority on Monk Parakeets. She intends to provide an ongoing, real-time survey of feral Monk Parakeet colonies in North America, using information from volunteer citizen-scientists and to provide an online resource about Monk Parakeets and related topics. 

Foundation Dutch Parrot Refuge -  A refuge and sanctuary for  2.200 parrots. research in Active research on how to prevent illness in flocks as well as natural behavior.

Peach-faced Lovebird - A webpage discussing the naturalized Peach-faced Lovebirds in Arizona with range Expansion Data in Greater Phoenix, Arizona Area.

Parrot Information

The Complete Lexicon of Parrots - Online resource describing all known parrots and parakeets. Text and photos.

Monk Parakeet - Excerpt from the Birds of North America.

The Pet Bird Page - Information on many parrots. Pages with photos and descriptions. - A site dedicated to educating the public about the Quaker "Monk" Parakeet both in the wild and captivity. Includes nice pictures, an audio page, and links to backyard parrot sites.

The Parrot Pages - A Home for Avian Information. They have over 1600 parrot related links.

The Amazona Society - An international organization of aviculturists with headquarters in the United States of America serving as the voice of companion Amazon parrot owners and breeders.

Parrot - An online magazine about pet parrots.

Parrot Conservation

BIRDS AUSTRALIA PARROT ASSOCIATION - Established in 1996 to promote conservation, research, and management of wild parrots and cockatoos in Australasia. This is a group of researchers studying parrots in Australasia as well as many other parrot enthusiasts, both bird watchers and aviculturists.

CITES - Site of the the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

What is CITES - A question and answer page on the CITES by the American Federation of Aviculture.

RARE Center for Tropical Conservation - RARE works to conserve the endangered endemic birds of the Caribbean (esp. parrots) and now has bird-related projects worldwide.

World Parrot Trust - A non-profit group formed in 1989 to work exclusively for the survival and welfare of all parrots.

Birding Links

Kern Audubon Society - Home Chapter Rose-ringed Parakeets of Bakersfield

Los Angeles Audubon Society - One of the largest chapters. Check out their bookstore.

Pasadena Audubon Society - Home to the largest population of naturalized parrots and Karen Mabb's research. PAS was the original home for the Parrot Project.

Nature Ali - Learn about Kern County wildlife and other natural resources.

California Birding - Joe Morlan's pages on birding in California, fantastic resource for every lister - every county has its own page.

Where Do You Want To Go Birding Today - Tina McDonald's fantastic site with bird information and links to many sites.

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